Found a Fix to the unity crash

This got rid of my error, not sure if it will work for everyone. Goto and download the Windows repair (all in one)

goto the 4th step and click start.

Worth a shot…I’ll post back my experience with it.

Game is still unplayable, too laggy. Need MOAR ROX

What about for mac? I didn’t see a version for mac

Yeah it’s a windows exclusive program, sorry man. I can get in game but its unbearably laggy anyways, so no point.

My god what kind of computers are you guys playing I play this game on a laptop highest graphics with no laggs :-/

With the patch came a code that our computers are not liking right now. As far as the lag I do not know. I have 6 more minutes left of transferring important documents to a flash drive before I restart to see if she works now.

Before this patch I had zero lag.

I had no performance issues until the latest update. Now when looking to the north of the map (where the mountains are) I experience large fps drops, single digits to teens even. However, if I look to the coast my frames are smooth as silk.

No go for me on that method. :confused:

you have a shit computer then haven’t you