Found a New Bug Doesnt Let You Play Rust

Garry i found a new bug that doesnt let you play the game so when you open up rust it says this

The Game Crashed
The crash report folder named “2014-06-13_210958” nect to game executable
It would be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game

Has this happened to anyone else or just me. i think this has only happen to me. Garry i hhope you see this and try fix this thank you

Please comment if you know how to fix it or its happend to you!!

E-mail it to him

What is his hotmail

if you are running the current branch, whatever it is, most likely wont get fixed as they are no longer updating that branch. it’s all about the experimental branch now.

If you think Rust has never crashed and generated a crash log for anyone else, you REALLY have way too much faith in computer software that it doesn’t deserve.

Go into your Steam folder, then into steamapps\common\Rust\ and look for the 2014-06-13_210958 folder. Inside it will be the crash logs. Open them and paste the whole contents into a new page on

Then link to the pastebin page here so we can see the log.