Found a website supporting rust hacking, how do we report

report it, will it do anything? tired of getting my server messed with! Can any action be taken? Legal?

I don’t think any legal action can be taken. Nor should it be. It’s a video game and that’s a third party site, I’m sure. I’m not a lawyer but I’d say pursuing legalities is a stretch. As for reporting it, I don’t think you can do much. You would need proof of the site users actually using the hacks. Beyond that I’m not sure.

These things suck but they’re a part of every community. With active admins and updates we should be able to contain most of them.

Yeah, the legal action is something i wouldn’t do myself, im sure someone would though. Its just a crappy thing. My server was messed with ((im)patiently waiting the whitelist update) and so i was curious to see how readily available that stuff it. Apparently its only a quick Google search away