"Found Dracula"

Those who have paid close attention to the “Meet the Spy” trailer will understand this gag.

EDIT: If you’re confused, watch “Meet the Spy” in HD and look at the giant message board at the beginning.


I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to meet the spy

I don’t get it, and I watched it more than 30 times.

I think he means like dracula is the spy ors omthing

There’s a Dracula reference in Meet the Spy?

…I don’t get it.

It’s one of the warnings on the warning board.

The more you know.

For those of you who are confused: Watch “Meet the Spy” in HD and pay attention to the giant message board.

Oh that part.

Oh, now I get it. Haha.

Poor lost Dracula.

Subtle. Lawl.