Found rust key generator

Hey guys, after lots of searching for keys I found this generator…

From comments in other forum it looks working…
I tried to download it but I failed… Anyone can share it here maybe?

(User was banned for this post ("Posting a virus" - SteveUK))

I’m not sure how to respond to this… :confused:

does this work?

Somehow it seems legit

why you dont try ?

i can vouch for this

i know the guy who made this, it’s legit

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alternatively, pm me for keys

I got a working key thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t listen, if you send anything to him he get’s angry :confused:

I wouldn’t download any generator and wait until you can pay your way in to the alpha.
So many generators filled with virus.

Doesn’t work lukeo it has survey, u lieing boy

haha stop talking out of your ass

i dont wanna try cause it could get me viruses which i dont want

Full of viruses

also thanks to Synelor for giving me a key for my friend

yea this is fake

pmed you.

im guessing guys but it is prob full of viruses

Don’t know about what part your talking about, if it’s legit or not, or about the PMs, but i got the PMs left if you’d like some kind of refreshment. <3

happy to help :~)

Can i have one i sent u a pm :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, hes definitely right.