Found some great & cheap dedi servers!

I got myself a dedicated server from these guys and it’s really nice, They are really cheap too, I’m getting some gmod servers setup on it. If anyone else needs a server I reccomend these guys. (I’m not trying to advertise them, I’m just letting everyone else know of these good prices if they need any servers)

Just go to Lighting servers on the link below:

An hours notice for compulsory downtime?

I think they’ve only just set up the twitter account.

Registered on: 05-Apr-2011

They’ve only just set up the company.

Nice. If someone exploits their (probably weak) security on their shared gameserver service and steals all your code, they are not responsible.

Every company starts somewhere, And you cant really blame them for that.

Is it really a company? I can’t find it anywhere in the company house.

Are you really an idiot that buys a bit of text under your name?
Seriously, I give up with you people that come in someones thread and just shit all over it.

If you’re going to call them a company then they better damn well be registered as a company.

I can’t find them in the companies house, so guess what - they aren’t a registered company in the UK.

There is such a thing as being a sole trader in the UK, you just have more liabilitys.

Wait it says this in the TOS

“6. Under no circumstances can you advertise another company URL in your server title, server messages or MOTD.”

And under lighting servers it says:

"Create users/customers and re-sell some of your servers.

Hmmmm… So you can resell but you can’t advertise on your server’s or have a demo server…