found some pretty cool stuff on teh youtubez

i found the following 4 videos showing of some amazeing mods

for the lazys:
petrol mod
hydrogen mod
advanced life support

i couldent find the svn links for theese :confused:
anyone have them?
also hopefully this post will show theese amazeing mods to the other gmod players who didnt know about them :smiley:

Spell Correctly.

This isn’t that hard to find.

Advanced life support is life support 1.7c, aka Life Support 1.7, aka older than dirt. Same with the other LS mods. Current Life Support 3 has hydrogen built in. Gas mod is available for LS3, too.

The guy making these tutorials is an idiot. Especially his spacebuild tutorial.

I don’t get that petrol thing…

nope i saw that :confused:
notice how theres around 20 life support links -.-


what exactly that hes doing is so bad?

so LS3 has all 4 of those mods in it ? :smiley:
now the correct svn link would be awesome :smiley:


how could you not…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it’s old and really sucks.

Looked cool :o
Soo anyone know where i can get this ultimate svn with
Petrol mod
Hydrogen mod
Life support
On it?


Petrol mod is now Gas Systems 2 and it is worthless. Hydrogen mod is also out of date. In Life Support 3, there is hydrogen already. Life Support has 2 SVNs, core and entities. Spacebuild has an SVN. They are all in the link above.

Thank you ,
One more thing
How is the fuel mod useless…i absolutely cannot stand more then anything in this game is vehicles that dont use some form of engine and fuel , when i found that mod i was beyond happy