Foundation Bug Killing Servers - Please fix, or at least comment on it

I’m sure MANY of us have experienced the foundation bug that’s affecting so many servers. The one where you try to place a foundation, but it breaks right away.

This bug prevents any and construction of new buildings, and has completely stalled our server. Players are farming resources day in and day out, saving for that day when they’ll be able to build again. But the farming is getting old and boring, and the players are leaving the game.

Our server is almost dead.

I was hoping for a fix this week, but it turns out this was a No Update week. Not even a fix for a game breaking bug. Please Devs, put this fix on the top of your priority list, or at least acknowledge that you’re working on it.

Thank you.

Which hoster are you using? PM me your Skype, I will try to help you.

I’m not the server admin/owner. I’m just a player on the server itself. I think the admin has tried restarting the server, but it didn’t work. Do you have any suggestions other than a server restart?

Restart wont help in this case, whats the admins steam profile? I will try to add him.


He isnt online, wont happen any time soon I think.
However, I had a similar issue. It was caused by decay settings.
Some Admins want to turn decay off, which isnt really possible, making one wrong move there, can lead to this.

Is it only with foundations or walls etc as well? Can you give us the server IP please

It’s only foundations that are affected. This is a problem that has affected many servers, and I don’t think any of them have found a fix. This server is run as vanilla as it can get, especially when it comes to decay and settings like that. I don’t think any of that has been changed.

Why would you need the IP?

To see which hoster it is.

Ah, I see. it’s a Multiplay server.

Did he backup all the data, reset the server and restore the files once? That might help. This looks like a bug in the installation. He has no plugins running, nothing from outside which could have such an effect.

I’m not sure, I don’t think he’s been very active lately. I’ll recommend that once I see him online again.

Just a few hours in the past 2 weeks. Maybe he gave up. Sorry for the players tough. Wasting time on farming. Maybe you guys could build a group and join another server together.

I see people in chat on the official servers saying this is a problem there too. I haven’t tried to build though. Has anyone on official servers seen this problem?

This is a problem with the decay rate. This happened on a server where the admin is fairly tech savvy and he was able to fix it.

He didn’t give me the details of what he did to fix it, but he said that it was definitely related to decay rates.

You can tell that is the problem when you place a foundation by the sound that it makes as it decays away instantly.

If you’re still in touch with this admin, ask him to send an email to facepunch detailing how he fixed it. I’m sure they could use the info :slight_smile:

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And if anybody else has found a fix, please post it here to share!

I experience this yesterday on ger 1 dev, i tried at severall places to lay down a wooden foundation and they broke instantly. I found out they wont break if extend a foundation to your current building.

I had this happen on a server I was on… went on for 3 days, and the admins wouldn’t even restart the server… so I ended up leaving and abandoning all my work :frowning:

Yea same here, hadn’t played in a while and hopped onto a server to give the new patches a go but couldn’t build…
From what I’ve heard restarting a server is kind of hit and miss, sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it won’t, so I guess I don’t blame admins for not restarting their server every couple hours just for some naked guy lol.

US central 4 is having this issue foundations break right away

I had this issue on my server; restart fixed it. It’s come back twice and both times a simple restart fixed it.