Foundation Bug

Anyone else get a foundation bug where some areas it just wont let me put it down?

Note, I have already put down a 3x3, but the corner is missing due to this bug, i am on flat ground, so don’t see any errors there…
Happened to me 3 times. when I try to build a house on different locations :frowning:

Is there a known bug or just plain consecutive bad luck? :s

Any help appreciated !!

Its a bug i think. It happens pretty often, you just have to get lucky with the location you choose to build. I think building on a flat location helps your chances too.

You can always improvise too… Its ok to have a ghetto looking house, as long as its secure :slight_smile:

I assume you can see if it is place-able or not, so why not just check your proposed build area before you start building?