Foundation bug?????

i raided my nemesis and used 25 c4 and brought down all his foundations on the first floor but the base still stayed up in the air floating and stability on second floor was fine but it was up in the air… is this a bug or…

Stability only calculates after the server restarts sometimes apparently. I think they plan to fix this so anytime something below breaks it should change the stability instantly.

There are many many bugs with one root of origin, i.e. not correctly recalculating stability for entire building after building changed.
One nasty bug I encountered just today is when one of the pillars for my tower was destroyed and despite I reinstalled it, I found that I can’t build anymore on higher levels because stability dropped significantly.
I expected that after I reinstalled the pillar stability will be back to normal.

And regarding so-called elevator towers, they should be removed from the game, I saw a lot of people complaining that raiding these towers is pointless. You need to spend too many RPG rounds to find and destroy boxes otherwise you won’t have any loot.


Some server have no stability.

That’s why you can see flying structure.

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All answers here are correct. You’ll encounter 1 of 2 situations:

Either server stability is turned off which means the floating base will stay there indefinitely, or it will come crashing down on server restart.

Either way, your nemesis needs to build another base. Now would be a good time to hide out near it when he’s online and kill him as he tries to move his shit to a new base.


Not true. I demolished a few enemy bases on the same server and I saw both situations.
Either base being completely destroyed after I destroyed all foundations or I saw a part of the base stayed in the air until server restart.
It means that stability is on but it doesn’t work properly every time.

Stability is a big issue. We know it. The devs know it. This bug has been around for a long time. They’ll get it worked out eventually. For the time being, you just have to work around it.

As it stands, the floating base is a liability for the owner. It can’t be built on any more (assuming stability is on). The damage you did can’t be repaired, and the owner needs to build a new base. Stalk the base and catch him off guard when he’s moving his stuff to the new base, kill him and rob him.

it’s an official server

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there’s nothing in his old base (kappa)

instead of demolishing the whole foundation, you can always build a twig tower and jump on his roof. use a bazooka to destroy the baricade on his roof.

Also, while his building is still floating and the stability seems to be fine upstairs, in reality its 0% stable everywhere. any building part he will try to add will instantly crumble. the base is doomed if all the foundations are gone, as he cant build new foundation and try to re-align it.