Foundation exploit

Struggling to sign up on bug report forum so posting this here, if someone is able to move it then please feel free to do so ASAP, ty.

This is more of a continuation of what i believe is an already reported bug.

It is possible to place a sleeping bag then place a foundation on top of it (this is the bit i read a while ago). Further to this, it is possible to build a series of foundations on a slope until they stick high above the ground, this gives you the ability to completely hide within the foundation standing up after death. You are able to place storage boxes inside this foundation, search boxes and bags around and ontop of the foundation while in complete safety, also see outside of the foundation and shoot people through the foundation from insde of it. You can leave the foundation from the sides or through the top at any time you choose.

once again i am sorry i was not able to post in the bug section. ty.

This has been a known bug since the beginning. They already know about this.

This is really useful, a lot more than most threads actually :smiley:
Good work mate!

Thank you so much!
Now I can easily kill people without worrying about getting killed myself.

Dude omg,you just started to screw things up.
The Devs might need to do a server reset,which we don’t need right now.
Can’t you PM the devs or create a support ticket instead?

Thanks man,another fool posting exploits so other players can try and use it and eventually server will be wiped and shits like that.

can you get banned for placing a sleeping bag underneath a foundation ?

yes, you likely will be banned.

Possible. If you intentionally put a sleeping bag on the ground so that you could exploit the terrain? You may get banned… There is plenty of precedent out there for banning people for similar actions in other games.

kay, thanks for the reply guys