Foundation Ideas

I was reading the new devblog, and had some ideas on foundations:

After you have got your foundation in the right area, hold right click and move your mouse left and right to swivel it to the direction you want it to face. You could also move the mouse up and down whilst holding right click to change its slant (that is IF they keep the slant thing in, which i personally dont think they should)

Also base the foundation’s price on how high off the ground it is, allowing for people to raise them high off the ground, but at a very great cost. I’d say the price wouldn’t be linear, so when it gets to a certain point, you are adding a ton of wood for just a little bit more height, else people would have foundation super high.

It would be nice if you could raise the foundation on “stilts” maybe tree trunks at 4 corners which would cost raw wood material and have a limit of maybe 2 stories high off the ground. That would make it much easier to build in rough terrain.