Foundation Shouldn't Be Built On Rock

This is kind of a unfair game play if people used giant rock to build on as foundation and yet used tool cupboard with twigs to prevent raiders from raiding. Sure, you can throw C4, but you end of partial building instead of area where tool cupboard are at.

I would prefer that foundation can only be place on ground not rocks. The purpose behind building part is to get breach not used giant rock as a crutch for infinite HP to prevent raiders.

The funny thing here is your post is listed right next to the one I linked above. I understand your passion but there was no need for you to start your own thread.

The purpose of building is to build a shelter to AID your SURVIVAL and to NOT get breached. Rust is not about Building, Its not about Raiding, its not about C4, Its not about Garry, its about Surviving.

U are probably playing another game dude.

This argument against rock building is annoying. At some point things will balance out and they will be more accessible. Instead of suggesting not to build on them, which results in some really neat bases, suggest things like ladders or ropes to help you get up.

Sometimes I feel like it’s the world of Harrison Bergeron around here.

Trying to defend ur own rock base aint ya?
Annoying or not bugs that caused brigdes will be fixed next update, so they gotta add something legit to raid rocks and water bases or they should just remove the possibility to do it.

but your operating under the mistaken assumption that Rust IS about Raiding other people, its only a portion of the game, i cant wait till they start putting in more effective traps because i will specialize in building Raider Trap Buildings, which are simply buildings rigged with traps to kill would be Raiders. In fact this will be a game changer. Right now some people seem to think the game is called Raider, when these home traps are put in people will bitch and complain about them, and the name of the game will change, Raider Killer. That sounds so much better.

I usually build water bases. I built a rock base after the latest wipe because some cool players threw me some materials and invited me to build on it. Since I’d never done it before I figured I’d try. It’s raidable, but you have to be clever and crafty to get in it, or have a lot of C4.

the more things you prevent people being able to do, the less like a sandbox this game becomes.

I agree. There seem to be two kind of people in Rust, those who invest time to gather resources and build a home, and those who just wanna grab a spear and take other people’s stuff.

The “Raiders” seem to think that the “Builders” only purpose in life is to provide them with easy-to-raid bases filled with loot, when really our job is to make their lives as difficult as possible!

it’s a symbiotic relationship and some raiders forget that. without players who want to build, who want to make forts and bases, or who want to build up stores of res, or make villages there will be nothing but rad sites and storage sheds to loot. both groups need to be considered, and both need to accept the balances made for the sake of the other. bases should not be invulnerable, but neither should the ways we can build be so limited, or the walls so flimsy it is pointless to harvest res to build.

do you really believe on what u say or u just intentionally lie about the raidable stuff on the water/rocks bases? Are you or are you not aware that the only way to raid well built water/rocks bases is abusing bugs?
Do you think that telling the untrue is gonna help any1 here?

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why are u separating raiders from builders when they are the same thing?
You should instead separate players that only build and never raid and anyway keep posting untrue and clueless things on the forum about raid mechanics they dont even know, from players that actively raid and build playing rust as it is fully meant.
U can start on this topic as there is a huge list from the 1st category up there, even if they are problably a forumtroll alliance.

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And where do you genious plan to keep the stolen stuff if not in ur base which i suppose u ve built?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Rock bases are not unraidable. They require a lot of time and effort to get into. But unraidable they’re not. And this is using legal game mechanics, not exploiting bugs. Just because you haven’t figured out how to do it doesn’t make it impossible.

prove me i am wrong with a concrete example or u are just spamming dude

I could say the same to you.

This was one rock base we raided a couple of weeks ago. This one was as simple as tossing some C4 charges at the base and destroying parts of it including a tool cupboard that allowed us to build a tower at one end of the base just outside the exclusion zone of the secondary cupboard and get in via the roof. Granted, this one was one of the easier ones to access.

That said, we tend to choose our targets selectively. Not all of them are worth the time and effort. That’s really the key. Rock bases aren’t impossible to raid. But at some point, as a raider, you need to determine what’s worth your time and effort. C4 is resource and time intensive to build. Are you willing to use up a stack or more of C4 to gain access for potential minimal payoff? Is the payoff worth the investment? In some cases, it is. In others, it isn’t. If a base is hardened enough, chances are, we’ll likely move on to a softer target that’s likely to give better payoff for the time and resources expended to get in.

i separate builders and raiders because they are the 2 extremes of gameplay style in rust, and both those styles work against each other in terms of balancing the game. players who do both rarely have any concerns because when one style is penalized, they just switch to the other. every point of health removed from a wall’s starting health to help the raiders harms the builders, and vice versa. without both styles in balance, the game becomes unplayable/boring and people stop playing.

the rest is really unfounded assumptions about players on your behalf; you should be careful with that.

Agreed. I consider myself primarily a builder, but I also like to raid and do so regularly. I think a balance of both makes you better Rust player overall. As the game was reblanced in the last few patches, I’ve found myself focusing primarily on one or the other. I still do both, but I just go with the flow

But I think a balance of both play styles is beneficial to all players. Once you start raiding (and I don’t mean beating down the wall of some noob’s twig shack), you start learning about vulnerabilities in your own buildings that you may not have thought of before and taking that into account for your next build. And using C4 or other techniques to blow into a well protected base, you’ll sometimes learn tricks to protect your own buildings from being raided that you may not have considered previously. Each of these aspects of gameplay give you a better understanding of the other.

And Morghoth2, I can quite assure you that I can build a base on flat ground that will be every bit as much a pain in the ass to raid as a building up on a rock. It will be less secure in its initial stages of construction until it can be fortified, but once complete, it’s going to be just as difficult to get into as if I had built it up on a rock. It won’t be impossible to raid, but the time, effort and materials that raiders will have to put into breaching my loot room will far exceed the gains they’ll get by looting my stuff.

I would assume that the hardened base is the greater payoff as they are probably loaded with goods.

It’s a gamble. It comes down to whether I want to use 15 C4 charges to bust into a hardended rock base while taking the chance that I’ll blow up a bunch of the loot inside and get minimal returns, or take on a few softer targets using 2-3 charges each and hit the jackpot each time. There has to be a positive return to raiding, or you’re just wasting your time.

Destroy the cabinet embedded in the wall around my base. Build a small twig tower to get onto the wall, it’s only 1 story high. Walk along the wall to the tower I use to access the top of the rock and blow the one wall that blocks people from jumping. Then simply walk along the top edge of the wall and jump onto the rock. Blow the front door to my rock base or crawl along the side of the rock to use a C4 and access my cabinet at the back. Be careful though, I have a few bear traps along there.

If you went through the front door with C4 you’ll be on the first floor. Not much there except some food and a repair bench. At the back is a twig staircase you can jump on to access the doors to the second floor. Choose the right one to blow up with some C4 and you’ve made it to my treasure room! Except you won’t be able to get in unless you took out my main cabinet because you also just blew up the twig stairs and are now stuck on the 1st floor.

You see, one of the keys to being a good raider is the ability to solve puzzles and think instead of blasting a hole in the closest wall. You’re a petty thief that wants to be able to smash and grab, and that’s fine because there are plenty of places you can do that. The best raiders are masters of the heist, and the rock and water bases are the big score. Don’t presume that everything needs to be dumbed down to your level of convenience store robbery.