foundations bug

There are a lot of flat areas, where it is impossible to place a foundation. Is there any solution or trick to fix this bug?


You can’t build a foundation on rock, if that’s maybe what you’re experiencing. Even a flat rock won’t work. I haven’t noticed a problem building anywhere as long as it’s on dirt.

No, I don’t talk about building on rocks, flat grassland. Its annoying cause I can’t build a wall around my house. Must be a bug.

Dont know exactly what u mean.

But in near of other foundations, you cant build new foundations.
There is range, where u cant build next to.

Oh… well, the other aspect is that if you already have a foundation piece built, you can’t build a connecting foundation piece on higher ground. To build a foundation with multiple pieces, you have to start at the highest point and work down from there.

just show us the location. whether it’s game bug, or your mind is bugged.

If you could include a video or at least screen shots, it would help us determine what is going on that is preventing you from placing the foundation.

here we go, it`s not working anywhere close to my wall. I know how this game works, my mind is not bugged :slight_smile:

Try getting on top of those existing foundations and placing the. New one outward from there, sometimes the placing gets a little fickle. The only other reason I can guess is that your house is behind you and your hitting the max proximity barrier.

Believe me, I tried everything ! would love to build a straight wall, impossible because of this bug. Now it`s impossible to build a foundation in the whole area.

Can you post a screen from the other side in the opposite direction?

The whole area seems to be blocked now.

That does seem to be tough. You don’t look close enough to the base inside the wall foundations for it to prevent you from placing that foundation. And the wall foundation shouldn’t prevent you from building more until after you completely connect it. If you manage to find a way to continue placing that foundation, let me give you a warning:

A while ago I built a base on a hill. It had a 2x3 main building and a 1x1 utility shack. I also had started a metal building with 2 foundations a short distance away. I then built a wooden wall completely encompassing all these buildings with room for growth. When I finally laid the last foundation to complete the wall though, i was unable to place any foundations inside the wall area unless they were attached to the wall itself.

The only explanation I could come up with is that once the wall is completed, it is treated as a building and no more foundations are allowed inside it unless they are a direct part of it. So if you want to expand that base at all, I would do it before you finish the wall.

*EDIT: Just to be thorough, that second pic down looks like the foundation is being held too far away from you, you have tried placing it closer to yourself, correct?

I really tried everything for hours ! From all angels, from all distances, really everything. There is a gigantic building close by, someone told me, this building could be the reason for this bug.

You’ve reached beyond the experimentation I have done, so it’s entirely possible that the neighboring building is affecting it somehow. I now wonder if the height of a building influences the distance you are prevented from building into.

This is my house and “wall”. On the left side I was forced to build more to the left, but now it`s going nowhere, no foundation possible.