foundations not working?

so on my server for some reason we cant place foundations they just break and i dont know why. anyone else know or have this problem?

Try restarting your server?

Just tested it, wood ones dont work but metal ones do

It seems to happen to mine after being online for ~2 days, restarting the server will fix it.


I play on the server called Northamerica 3. I believe its a community server… Foundations are broken and not working. Please fix

happened to me a few nights ago. i do not believe the server was reset since then but they were working last night. who knows

Started happening to me just now. It worked fine yesterday. I’m guessing this is randomly temporary. Meaning it will go away automatically some time.

Unless of course someone actually knows of a way to fix it on your end?

I’ve tried restarting steam and validating local files to no avail.

Server needs to be restarted to fix it. It happens when the server stays online without going off for a while. No idea why or what to do to prevent it other than schedule restarts on your server. I have mine restart every morning at 5 AM automatically.

Thank you, Sykke.

But yea, no way to fix it as a player. Just go play in other server for a while and check back to see if the server you meant to put foundation in, but couldnt, has been restarted.

EDIT: Update.

Just asked 2 other guys in the same server to place wooden foundation in front of my own eyes, and it worked for them. Still not working for me. Apparently the problem is on my end.

Wooden foundations are bugged on official servers also. So it is not only you.

Yes it will work for certain people still not sure why. Server just needs a reboot

Yeah it’s happening to me but I didn’t know it was serverside, i thought it was bugging. The only thing I don’t understand is why it plays a breaking sound when that happens? Does it know it’s doing that?

I tried to place wood foundations in mountain areas three times last night on a server, all broke when placing them… Went to a level grassy area and they placed… Don’t know if that means anything?

Decided to test it out on my server, didn’t have any problems, but I do restart daily.

3 threads already started here
Known issue for quite sometime

You know, did you tried everything? I placed two foundation for test. I held my rightmousekey down at the same time i place it… And it worked.

So apparently its like ebola. You might not have it now, but don’t rest easy, because tomorrow you just might.

I didn’t have it and didn’t care about other people who had this problem. But now I’m in the club. Take it from me: place those foundations like there’s no tomorrow while you still can. I’m a permanent wood shelter dweller now. Yes, no problem placing wood shelters and metal/wood doors.