"Four fingers up, Two twisted for the west side. "


Title : The Game - Bang Alone
BGM : Westside Connection - Gangsta Nation


Hey, I’m not black! >:-(
Posing is good, the font is fugly tho. :v:

Holy shit.


Not doing a CoD4 pose.

My God it’s the apocalypse.


Lol the guy is like:“Yoh dawg sup”

I like it

I like the pants.

Wow, this is amazing! Ddok is doing something else then a cod4 pose! Is this real?

Anyway, I lol’d cuz his fingers are so fucked up! But you should keep doing gangstah poses ;D

I think you missed when he made a gorillaz “feel good inc.” pose.

i just think about GTA4 a moment, cause this picture feels like almost GTA4! (but models are not, however)

Looks as stupid as it does in real life.

Couple problems:

Golden desert eagles are hard to come by
He’s doing it wrong
posing is weird


also wtf @ shoes


also jacket is too blue

I want that skin