Four half-life related pictures... For lack of a more inventive title

“Thank you Zerax for making me interested in Half-Life 2 again!”

Aw, shucks B.

your welcome.


They’re not mediocre, but they could be better, have an artistic.

The car guy is my favorite, his expression is fantastic.

The one with the man making fun of the zombie is my favorite :v:

I had to laugh at that last one. Just Eli’s smiling head looks funny.

4th Picture is Alyx after getting fucked by Gordon.

you do realize that he’s holding the gravity gun wrong right

Oh well.

I laughed at a few of em, the gravgun i laughed harder at because how he was holding it.

Good job.

i couldn’t be bothered to sit there rotating the hand for 5 hours for it to look perfect :v:

Easy-weld + Css grenades + weld on joints = fixed.

i find the can works best

Anything works, I use cinder blocks.

Nice! I like these!

Last picture is very rape inviting O.o

lacks motion blur