Four HWM Model Facepose Tests +Bonus

All of these poses are purely Facepose tests, and I would like ALL the Criticism possible, No matter what is about, the DoF, the Pose itself, and the facepose.

Heavy Sees something disturbing whilst eating (5th Facepose!)

Sniper also sees something disgusting, whilst on patrol (4th HWM Facepose) Not focus(s)ed properly

Cocky ass Demo smikring at an enemy (3rd HWM Facepose!)

Heavy being Dominant (First HWM facepose!)

Nervous scout being nervous (2nd HWM Facepose!) Not focus(s)ed properly


(Un-Needed Image!)

C&C Hope you enjoyed. All images (except for the last one) have no out-of-game editing!

** EVERYONE! Post your own edit of ‘Heavy’s Photoshop Face Bananza!’** (Not very imaginative title, I know)

P.S If there is enough edits of the Heavy’s face, I might open a thread of all the edits!..Maybe

I really like the faceposing in all of the pictures, except for the Sniper one. That seems really overdone.

I like them all, but Faceless Heavy can be creepy.

HWM models are hard to facepose if one has faceposed only HL2 ragdolls before.

I love the last Heavy pic.


haha nick cage everything meme



what’s HWM?

High something Model

I like the “Heavy sees something disturbing” face. :v:

You should make a photoshop thread, I see good potential with that last image :v:

i see slender heavy

omg faceless heavy so creepy

Oh God…What have I begun :slight_smile:

Updating OP for everyone to psot their own Heavy Face Photoshop! :smiley:

Hardware morph.

My Contribution, it’s just something I did because I’m extremly bored! D:

P.S: It’s not good at all.

so whats the diff between an HWM model and a normal one

how did you make the heavy faceless?