Four last standers are defencing barricade.

you guy know any good shell models? the default shell models are too big for them.

and my garry’s mod shut down if I spawn L4D common zombies :(. how to fix it?

That’s very nice

Counter strike shells get the job done.

buy l4d

Can’t I use L4D Common zombies without L4D anymore?

At first I thought “Title is misleading.”

And then I scrolled. Nice stitch.

Check out the reflection on the mask… the zombies are actually draculas.

quit drinking bro.

I dunno why but there must be dragon zombies in the sky or somehting for the Little Bird to be remotely that close to the ground or even pointing up like that.

Also I see no defencing, I see defending, where are the fences?

LBs aren’t very heavy, it doesn’t take an awful lot to throw its balance like that

There isn’t much touching it exactly :L

Unless high winds were in affect.

I like it.
Assault outbreak…

A guy is getting pulled by the zombie while the guy is pullin on the Little Bird, I am sure that is enough to offeset it a bit.

Reminds me of Prototype.

The counter strike shells are gigantic from what i remember. DOD:S Shells are better sized though.

I doubt that would turn it up-side town. It’s a helicopter, not a life raft :l

Naw the guy didn’t tip it.
The pilot just didn’t like the guy so he dumped him.

This is sale

how did you get the black vests

The mask is facing the opposite way of the zombies. . .