Four Wheeler [INTERACTIVE]

This interactive story is about a guy that earns money by racing other streetracers.
You can upgrade his car, race with other people, or whatever you want.

There it is… your ride… doesn’t it look beautiful?
A small breeze rolls in and your hands begin to shake.

What do you do now?
A) Upgrade your car.
B) Drive around.
C) Look for somebody to race.

Punch your car.

Eat one of it wheels.

Put truck balls on the rear-view mirror for extreme horsepower boost

Paint it red :buddy:

B, so that when you drive around, you see other amazing cars, and that makes you want to streetrace.

B :pervert:

sell it to some idiot with 1$

Do it.

You sir…I agree with…


I do not understand. Why does it seem funny to paint it red? I do not understand this joke!:downs:

i bet this comic is dead
almost comic from this guy is abandon

Yeah, almost all of this guy’s interactive comics die shortly after being made.

Anyway, A. :v:

Put a decepticon logo on the front. Watch those haters hate >:)

I would say drive around to look for cheap upgrades and you happen to run into someone who is willing to race your P.O.S.!

Drive around, and try to pick up some hookers

Sorry guys - have been on a small vacation with some friends.

What do you want to upgrade about it?

Color it black then put white spiders on both sides!

“Hey! Sweet ride bro…” you hear a guy with an ATV saying in an alleyway.
It’s Gill, an old buddy that streetraced alot in his young days. “Sup’ Gill”
“I’m perfect, sellin’ paint in them’ allyways yanno’ wha- I mean?” He says.
Why don’t you get a paintjob? First one is from the house. I got green and blue paint.

What do you do?
A) Paint it Blue.
B) Paint it Green.
C) Keep it Orange.

paint it green.