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Have you been looking for a server where you are free to play without admin interference/abuse? Today is your lucky day. On this server we don’t abuse admin privileges. You will not be kicked/banned for killing/raiding. You will not find giant metal admin towers that lag the server/players. After countless hours of playing this game, we’ve learned a lot about different servers and how they work. Now, we are incorporating the best parts in one server and removing the bad, such as admin abuse, ridiculous (and laggy) admin towers, item spawning, player teleporting.

Here are the features of our server:

  • 24/7 Up Time (Unless provider issues, or server update) [US CENTRAL SERVER]
  • 50 Player Slots (Perfect amount of chaos)
  • Active and Responsible Admins
  • Absolutely no admin abuse. (Seriously, we got so tired of admins abusing on other servers, so we decided to make our own and strive to be absolutely better)
  • Oxide (More script suggestions will be taken too)
  • DOOR SHARE (The good kind! No weird sleeping bag glitches with this one
  • PVP
  • InstaCraft
  • Airdrops at 25 players


  • No Cheating/Hacking

PVP is allowed.
Raiding is allowed.

If you would like to experience Rust the best way possible, try out our server.

FourDeltaOne/ | PVP/Sleeper/Oxide/DoorShare

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