FourDeltaOne: Singularity

Good work.

the green/orange contrast would work better if the colors were more tightly controlled (eg. no grey stuff on the sides)

the camera is way too far back, the aforementioned stuff on the sides is all wasted space

the smoke effect on the right seems to be on top of the ruins

eeugh that JPEG quality. save the pic in PNG (through the “poster” command) or TGA (“devshots_screenshot”) and when you’re done editing save it in 100 or higher quality without blurring, optimizations or any of that quality-reducing jazz

you got the ideas right and the intentions right, now all you need is technicality and quality, and that’ll come soon enough by paying more attention to details
hell if my guess is right and this is the first of many coming poses u got a bright future kid

The concept is very good. I am immensely bothered by the face that his legs are spread a bit too wide though, seems highly unnatural. Editing on the green smoke is fantastic though.