FOV and SLI Support

Hey Community, and maybe Garry. Probably not.

I just want to share a Idea that i had in mind for quite a long time now.
It bothered me since i first started playing Rust.

Its the FoV. I like Rust a lot, but its small, not changeable FOV is annoying as hell.
I’m used to play on a FoV of 90°, and there are quite a lot of other People that are used to 90° aswell.

This small implementation could make the game even better.
Like I said, just an Idea that i have in my mind for a long time.

My second request would be SLI Support, but thats just a minor issue and i’m sure it’ll follow in the future.

Hope that there’ll be a changeable FOV ingame soon.


They’re working on it. Hopefully soon.

Oh, Thanks for the link.
Thought i was up to Daten with trello.

Good to know that they’re working on it, Hopefully a FOV of 90 will be possible.