FOV change?

is there any fov (field of view) change on console?

the commands in the console (f1):

thats not field of view

its the only thing you can change on the View afaik

Specifically asked for FOV. Not perspective of the camera.

And nope, there isn’t a way to change FOV as of this point (or my knowledge)

Should be nice to reduce our line of sight and reduce lagg.

Most would increase it to attempt to see by bending the space time continuum =D

We already have problems with people abusing camera perspective to see things they shouldn’t
be able to see.

You can increase FOV by reducing the vertical resolution of the game.

I have 3 27" monitors in Surround/Eyefinity and it bumps my field of view a ton when I full screen haha

I would love to increase the fov, im used to play games with 110 fov etc :smiley: