So this is a addon that lets you easily change your fov, The actual fov changing part is 100% clientside, so you don’t need a server.
But if you do run a server, it adds !fov and /fov as fov changing commands.
You can type ‘changefov’ in console to actually change it.

(There’s some more info, like screenshots on the WS page below)

Click the image down here to get it:

Handy, but i would suggest adding a simple derma slider on the context menu screen.

I honestly think a clientside approach is overkill. A simple one-line serverside concommand would suffice for an unlimited FOV changer:
concommand.Add(“z_fov”, function(ply, _, _, num) ply:SetFOV(tonumber(num)) end)
But that is a nice addon image, so props for that.

Indeed. It’s almost like you personally know the person that made it

can i set it to 180?

No, Max is 179. 180 breaks rendering

Didn’t there used to be a module that did this or not am I mistaken.


theres already a fov slider in the options
there is no reason for this addon except being too lazy to go into the gmod options and change the fov there

The FOV Slider in the Options goes from 75 to 90. Some People might prefer 110 or 120 FoV, like myself.