FOV screwed up

When I put “-windowed -noborder” in my launch options it allows me to Alt+Tab nicer, but if I want to play on a multiplayer server my FOV gets very messed up.

windowed no border

How fix?


Did nothing :frowning: I also tried viewmodel_fov 90 and viewmodel_fov 45 and they made it worse

What is your screen resolution?


What ahve you wanted then?
Normal squared is 1024x768 (standart).

You need to change resolution or… buy new monitor (1024x1024 | 1024x768 are normal)…

My three monitors are 1920x1080 each… I’m not buying new monitors…the reason it is such a weird number is because I have bezel correction.

Then sorry, can’t help you…

What does a screen have to do with it? Its an error with Garrysmod, Im asking if anyone knows a work-around for what I want, I dont want someone telling me to buy new monitors… that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard