FOVE VR is coming to Garry's Mod


Will reboot thread once the module is working an finished. :cry:

This is cool, but i doubt that me or someone else here would ever get FOVE, maybe htc vive, but not fove
VR it’s too raw yet, and i guess this will be raw until the next 5 years

I planned on mainly writing this for myself, but it is a shout out to the people who are looking into it. I feel like sharing the module. Thanks for the feedback, and you’re right. VR is still an infant.

Seems like one big commercial

I don’t understand your statement completely. Then again, I will say. This module is being created for myself. This is just a heads up to other people who might get the headset, so that they can download my dll if they want, and enjoy GMOD the same way as I will.
That’s why it’ll be coming when it’s ready.

Stills seems like more of an advertisement of the “headset” than an MODULE announcement, you could just have said that you’d be doing a module for that instead of making a whole phd thesis on why it is “fucking awesome”.

This is not a place to advertise any products, if you want to stuff us up with how “awesome” this is use google ads or something, I don’t want to see ad posts.

(can we just get a mod to look on this?)

This wasn’t meant to be an ad post.
Sorry if I offended. This was originally in the Hardware and Software section, so I described appropriately. The headset is not well known to my knowledge. Also, why did only half your post show up, until tagged your post as a quote?

EDIT: Happy?

Because I edited it more than once.

And honestly, this isn’t the hardware and software section, this is mainly help with gmod lua and other development-related stuff, you could have posted this on Addons & Gamemodes releases and not made a full description about the product, that’d have made it look less like an ad and more like an actual module announcement.

(I also had no intention to offend anyone, just pointing out what it looks like)

Alright, makes enough sense. I guess I’m just too hyped. I will re-open when I finish the module, and have working example code and videos.

EDIT: Thanks everyone who voted. Numbers are very helpful. 50 v. 50 is good enough for me. :wink:

This looks interesting, but I don’t feel like it would add anything special to GMod-really there’s not much you can do with your eyes

I’ve not seen anything to suggest that this product isn’t snake oil, attempting to accrue funds for a dream via hype for investors. Major players such as Valve+HTC and Oculus+Facebook poured tons of research into this already, and determined that it wasn’t feasible yet. Maybe this FOVE headset can swing it if it releases five goddamn years from now.

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I don’t understand why you’re thinking to make a module for a headset that nobody is going to have in their hands for years, if ever.

I can understand your skepticism. Like I said. For me mainly.

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I’m unsubscribing from the thread, further replies will be truncated from my inbox.
To those who were interested in developing gamemodes, feel free to PM me so I know who to talk with once the module is done.

I wont be able to see what you have been developing as you snipped the video from both threads. But what ever it is, I will subscribe to this thread to see your return

I cheated, one last post.
I enabled PMing to my fullest knowledge of the forums.
If you are interested PM on Steam.

If you want to see more of what was snipped, go here.