Fox McCloud player model and (S)NPC

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Fox McCloud player model and (S)NPC

[tab]Version:[/tab] Over Eight Thousand!!!

[tab]Description:[/tab] Fox McCloud from Nintendo’s Star Fox, translated into a player model and SNPC

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garrys Mod, probably Half-Life 2

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

I actually thought about posting this in the Lua forum, since the NPC is not just a citizen replacement but is scripted to have Fox McCloud’s voice. With faceposing! However, I told you guys about this project first, so here it is.

Based on Alba Meira’s suggestion, I’ve made a version without sound. See if this fixes the crashes.

If the soundless version still crashes, here is a citizen replacement version. No extra sound, no snpc code; this is just a citizen replacement (so Fox will randomly have male and female voices when he gets hit).



  • Made changes that will hopefully really stop the crashes
  • General code hygene


  • Made some changes that will hopefully stop the crashes some people have been getting. I’ve never had the crashes you’ve decribed, so I’m flying blind here though.


  • Fox’s health recharges slowly now, much like companion NPCs such as Alyx or Barney.

What SWEP was that?

And comes with sounds, and faceposeing? : D


[url =][img ][/img ][/ url]


remove the spaces

It came with the monster snpc pack. They’re Warhammer 40k weapons (guess what the Fox clones were fighting in the video).

Press the “Use” key when facing Fox.


:3: your welcome

Now do Falco!!! I ORDER YOU!

how about a sounds pack? if you got starfox sounds then you can get other sounds from that game.

cool, wonder where you got the model from

Furries will be pleased.


Victory! We have more epic.

Now I can do a barrel roll, Starfox style. :smiley:

I remember seeing a proportions chart on a fur suit site, the tail’s length at the tip should be around the ankles, i think its width is alright. I think the thigh’s are a bit too long which shortens the amount of space the torso can be.

I like the NPC, love Fox McCloud. I would like it if he didn’t hunch over, unless he is attacking.

hope this helps so you can tweak it and make it even better.


I’m not matching Fox to a fur suit. :argh: :v:

The only reason I changed his proportions at all was because I was trying to fit the citizen rig. The alternatives was creating a whole new skeleton or scaling him up to be excessively huge (that’s what happend to my Lucario player model).

Well, he seems to only hunch over when using an SMG-type weapon though and not when he’s using pistols. Fox is using the default human animations that come with Half-Life 2 and Garrys Mod, so I blame those. :v:

no no, i wasn’t saying to match him up to a fursuit, i was saying that this one site i saw, was illustrating how the maker, matches the proportions of the tail to the person whom he is fitting.

it said a good rule of thumb for a fox tail is to match the length from the distance from base of the spine to the tip of the tail should put it around the ankle. I was trying to say that if you resize the tail, it should fit that to be considered proportional.

by the way, my Gmod crashes when i give fox a weapon other then Halflife 2 core weapons, like when I gave him the war hammer 40K weapon like in the vid it crashes.

p.s. You seem very good at this and was wondering if you could check out this NPC request.

would be cool if you could help me with this.


That is. . . . . SO FUCKING AWESOME.

Nice job mate, keep up the good work.

ao basically fox’s tail is too short on this model?

basically, it’s not way short, but could be a bit longer.

Shit! Did he get his legs strectched? Anywhoo, so downloading.

sorry but you failed, don’t use that model