Fox NCO Giving Orders

All effects you see are done in-game… except for corner blurring.

Six hours of editing textures later, I have finally created a respectable variant of the Fox soldiers that have much more detail that is well deserved. Order soldiers is coming up. Still trying to figure out what color scheme to give these guys and/or if I should throw on camouflage. Any ideas/suggestions, give me a shout!

I’m really going to try to push you guys to do in-game post-processing. It’s absolutely fantastic and so easy to use. It’s absolutely stunning; the effects I can achieve entirely in-game. Sure, it’s not super fancy-pantsy but the best video, pictures, etc. are the ones that were done all right there on the spot and not the ones doused in garbage from editing software. Leave that to kids that just got their associates degrees in the “professional” world.

The hexagonal pattern on the helms are great! I dig that weirdass FAMAS/G36K lovechild gun the guy on the right is holding. I’d love to see how these guys would look with digi camo(or whatever the legit word for it is) if you’re up for it.

It is sexy.

dude is rockin’ a .50 cal, goddamn

remember the m2-combine turret mashup?

Let’s just say weapon emplaced.

I don’t get it

Comicbook style?
It’s fucking gray…

Wow, looks fuckin’ nice. That helmet looks great man, good job.

I’ll agree that the helmet texture looks boss.

I know there is no room for personal insults but honestly the grey version of this looks better than most of the stuff you or anyone makes here

These bros are so fucking sexy.

Serious muscles on that guy carrying the deuce
also nice everything.

God damn I love the way you do shit I need to get better at using these post process tools

I really like how your so proud of your work, but I think you brag about your skills a bit too much.

  1. Lucky post. :smile:

Whoa shit, nice! I’ve been working on an edit for them, let me upload a picture.

lol Were you dropped on your head when you were born yesterday.

Where the fuck are you all getting these futuristic weapons, fuck

Why not just make pictures look good by any means?

Posing looks nice, my only complaint is that there is a lot of bloom.

Still, it is very grey and I was expecting something different when I clicked it.

You’ll see why it’s the way it is. Soon.