"Fox, there's something jamming these drains" - The Dark Knight Widens

Wait what

Pure epic. Don’t need to go to the cinema and get shot now.

It’s simple… we constipate the Batman.

“It’s the plunger we deserve. But not the one we need right now…”

“Why didn’t you just give me laxatives?”
“Your constipation must be more severe.”

Nice zinger

Waitaminute. Batman doesn’t poop, he just eats criminals and shits justice.

Take that Crime you shit!..


His face completes it.

this is why bane wears the mask

Imagine how fucked in the head he must be to take a shit while wearing the bat suit that is only designed for combat.

where’d u get the moudle?

The module? The modleu? The poodle?

“When you are done pooping, then you have my permission to flush.”

as long as this machine is at wayne industries…

…i wont be