"Fox Three, this is Bravo Six, We're moving in"


Good posing!

Nice posing.

all your comments are “Nice posing”
do some other

All your poses are guys aiming guns.
do some other



maybe i gonna try some other

keep in mind

Not much to say other than posing is nice. Ain’t much else happening here. Light is a bit boring perhaps.

This is ridicioulus.
Every single one of your poses is a guy/s holding guns.

Too much chromatic abberation, tone it down a little.

And one last thing, tlsaudrl2548, did you port those models or did ddok give them to you?

nice jeans Soap :saddowns:

I first read this as “Fox News, this is Bravo Six, We’re moving in.”

Excellent Posing, But is Soap’s faceposeable? If it is, You should have put a bit of effort into that.

I see no other flaws, Add some editing and this shit is hot!

Why is someone named after a code that pilots use for AIM-120 missiles? :psyduck:

That’s what I was thinking.

Too many people around that one hole IMO.

Eagle 20, Fox Three! (launches wing mounted special forces operators)

Are they watching someone have sex? :v:
Ghost looks kinda relaxed.
But the overall posing is nice.

Holy shit thats cool.

“Shit, Chemo fell through the roof. We need an Evac chopper now!”