FP Amsterdam 3 not able to build and use C4

As of devblog 51 states:

“We are seeing a physics issue with servers after they reach 150,000 colliders, the physics system seems to break down completely – which doesn’t let you build, or explode anything, and spawns you in the sky. We’re trying to get a repro together to send to Unity.”

After 2,5 weeks wipe is needed.

Have to tear down previous old structures to be able to build up new ones. Confirmed.

C4 is working, but no damage is done to walls and or doors. Confirmed.

Some reports in chat they spawn in the sky. Can’t confirm this myself.

Not just your server also Amsterdam 2, can barely build proberly atm… could use a wipe for sure

Yes same issue goes on alot of servers!
Wipe would be nice,than we could play the game…
As of know pop in my server is 10-12 and normaly its is 80-90,clearly that people are going in rage mode and abandoning the game.Yes we do know that we should expect to see bugs in the game but this is more than a bug if you ask me.
Wipe Wipe Wipe and implement decay again once your on it:dance:

It is freshly wiped, last night at 21-22:00 CET.