FP-Built DarkRP?

At the moment, the main purpose of this thread is to test the water.

So, after trolling around the section here, it’s clear to me that there’s still a chunk of people decently into DarkRP that hate the present state of DarkRP. Those users also share a mutual appreciation of things I, too, appreciate in DarkRP: Competent staff that actually take their job semiseriously and don’t start fights with other staff members in public; a collection of halfway-decent addons, the freedom to build and use wire so long as it’s not obnoxious, that sort of thing.

I want to get a community off the ground with that sort of playerbase as the demographic.

I want to get a cadre of salty motherfuckers together and start an unofficial FacePunch DarkRP server. Most of the server discussion would happen here, in this thread, with our website forums being used solely for ban appeals, staff applications, that sort of thing. We’d be more supported by veteran players of GMod than pubbies joining off of the server browser, although if they behave, they can stay. Annoying children will likely be removed on sight - nobody under 13 will be permitted to play, given we find out somehow. (COPPA is your friend.)

As it is now, it is easily with my budget to order and support as dedicated server for this purpose, along with forums and such. I also have a competent coder who pretty regularly likes to do neat things - original things, not a battery of things necessarily downloaded off of ScriptFodder. Donations would be entirely superfluous to the average user, I have no plans to make anything donation-only, and if it became apparent that people would like to donate for things, they would be purely cosmetic. We had some pretty neat things on our former community, which we still have, such as:



Emergency Vehicles with Lights and Sirens (Now outdated with VCMod w/ ELS):

We’d also look at using something other than downtown as our primary map. Eastcoast remains my primary choice for this, but I’m largely open to suggestion.

Established members of the posting community would probably get fast-tracked into server security or website supervision roles if they can prove they’re not droolingly retarded.

That said, I’m a little gunshy of just splurging on a server and having it be me, my coder, and two eight year olds like it turned out last time. I’d like to know the server has some commitment to play before I launch.

What I would need before pulling the trigger on deploying the server is:

  • At least 15 people willing to play for an hour two a few days a week.
  • A couple of volunteer staff to help me watch the server while I get stuff off the ground (Users with extensive ban history need not apply - documented experience a bonus. Include your steamID in your post if you’re interested)
  • Some good feedback on what type of DarkRP you’d like (with/without vehicles, map preference, addons suggested, etc etc)

If we can get that hashed out, I’ll look to buying a dedicated server and getting launched. What do you guys think, would you be interested in being a part of this? What would you want in that sort of server?

i think you will have a difficult time looking for volunteer staff that signed up before 2008, has no extensive ban history, still plays gmod, and has no job and lots of free time to do said administrating.

True, I’ll remove the registration restriction on timing. Really, though, it’s easy to not get banned on FacePunch. Just don’t be a turd.

As for the staff, I’m only expecting a marginally larger commitment of more than a few hours - and there’s a great number of people visiting facepunch with tons of free time.

Ok cool, i would apply for admin since i have my own server and i have administrated on several servers before, but i’m not sure if i would be committed enough to help you out.

Speaking of which, what addons will you have on your server? i like to do neat things with E2 and wiremod such as EGP and holo based stuff, but no server allows me to use them without donating for VIP/playing for 48 hours without breaking any rules.

We just had garrys birthday, so finding someone from 2008 wont be that hard atleast.

Wiremod’s a given. As for E2, I’d likely have it restricted to staff-only, but give it to players that ask for it, so we can keep track of people exploiting it.

Other addons would include a simple weapons system, a few vehicles for emergency jobs and such, stacker, precision, smartsnap, bodygroup tool, 3d2d text, etc etc. I’m also open to suggestions.

Or you could disable the malicious functions and let anyone use it.

My understanding of E2 is limited at best, unfortunately. Any volunteers wiling to help with such things are welcome to do so should the server launch.

That said, ‘malicious’ is a bit of an unobjective term with e2 functions given it’s flexible nature. For example, basic functions like displaying sprites and playing sounds, basic functions of an e2, can be made into malicious screamers with the right code.

Functions that directly break shit, though, can go right out the window, of course.

To be honest, a lot of people have tried to get the fp community (including me) “working together” and it just does not work.

If you somehow manage to pull this off it’ll be alright. Good fuckin’ luck tho.

There’s a lot less work to be done so much as gathering a bunch of salty fucks together to play on the server more than two hours a week and then never after that, my coder and I are competent and stable enough to get the systems necessary running and funded

You lost me at “my coder”

I pay him on retainer for any amount of work he does.
Did you have a point?

It somewhat implies ownership or possession, which implies inferiority, which is a jerk move considering that everything that makes the server unique would be done by the coder.

I meant it more along the lines of “my coworker,” or “my partner,” but I thought coder was more relevant.
I agree he’s critical to the operation and advancement of the server.

Instead of using downtown, i’d say use rp_c18_v1. Its a better map than downtown, both for optimization and gameplay. (this map was used in the previous darkrp fp server too)

Also please, don’t add a shitton of bullshit rules; (nlr, police can’t build bases, etc)

Sounds interesting enough, if you can pull it off without it turning into a shitfest I’d probably spend some time on the server, not like I’ve got anything else to do most of the time I’m on gmod.

There’s a lot of problems with that, unfortunately. The nexus would wind up as mostly wasted space and inaccessible without an addon to make the sliding doors work, and the map is altogether really disjointed. It was great for HL2RP, but that’s about it. I’ll take another look just in case, though, it’s been a few years at least.

As for rules, my partner and I think NLR as a concept makes sense, but it’s largely unenforceable and totally useless in DarkRP, so we’d not have it. Most raiding crews are equipped to handle dudes coming back to their base anyway. As for cops “basing,” cops can have houses and such, but it’s pretty obvious cops can’t have moneyprinters and such.

I’ve got an idea, rather than keeping to one map, why not have 2-4 maps that the server can rotate around to. It’d be a fairly nice change, especially if people have been on the same map for a couple hours on end, most of the time it can get boring as hell playing on the same map for a few hours or coming back to it.

I can already hear the screaming about printer refunds, but with plenty of warning, rotating the map every 4 hours might not be a bad idea. We’ll look into ways to bridge the gap when the map changes, too.

As for maps, I recall a couple that were nice to play on: Hometown, Cscdesert, Evocity, Uptown.