FP Mapping Contest - Cinematic


Welcome to the Facepunch Cinematic Mapping Contest! This contest specifically focuses on camera work and special effects. Some examples of what we’re looking at:


Your map can have anything you want. It can have explosions, tell a story, just as it’s on camera!
[release][h2]The Prize[/h2]

The prize is being offered by Sphinxa279 and is a cash prize of;

£50 ($75 USD) For First Place
£15 ($25 USD) For Second Place
£6 ($10 USD) For Third Place[/release]

This contest is camera based / in game only. The rules include:

[ul] Absolutely no player movement (Excluding NPCS) [/ul]
[ul] Must be through a camera view (Does not have to be moving on a rail system, though it’s recommended)[/ul]
[ul] Must have at least one moving object in the scene, I.e. props, npcs, etc.[/ul]
[ul] NO VIDEO SOFTWARE EDITING (You can add ambient_generics to play music[/ul]
[ul] Map can tell a story, though it’s not required.[/ul]
[ul] All source games may be used[/ul]
[ul] Any content made before this contest is prohibited (Excluding Models, Textures, and Sounds)[/ul]
[ul] Teams are allowed[/ul]
[ul] Custom Content is allowed[/ul]
[ul] A max of one submission per team / user[/ul]

Note: Submit Final Entries to Me via PM.
[release][h2]The Judges[/h2]


The contest starts today and will ends on July 6th, 2011 at Midnight GMT.[/release]

You are required to submit your final .BSP file to the judges as well as post a video in this thread before the deadline ( July 6th, 2011 at Midnight GMT).

Note: The judges will be judging you by your BSP, not the video.


[ul]Not_Yet + WebOfTrust[/ul]
[ul]TangoGorila + Janooba[/ul]
[ul][del]Hawx + Sultan[/del][/ul]
[ul][del]99% More Fail[/del][/ul]

It’s never too late to enter! Hell, you could enter the night before if you were out of your fucking mind[/release]
[h2]Good Luck Everyone![/h2][/release]


[release][h2]THE RESULTS ARE IN![/h2][release]I took the Judges scores that the contestants recieved and averaged them. The contestant with the highest score wins.


  • Xeonmuffin - 4/10
  • GrenadeMan - 8.25/10
  • IronPheonix - 5.25/10
  • Hawkeye Hawk - 6.25/10
  • Janooba + TangoGorilla - 8.5/10[/release]






I am entering.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Wait, can we have partners?

I’m also entering this.

I am in.
Is it allowed to make custom models which will shatter and explode into like thousands of pieces?

I’m pretty sure anything custom is allowed.

Ok good.

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Another quick shit question, video can be made only from 1 map? Like I can’t use 2 maps?

You could use a trigger_mapchange, but the judges will be judging the BSP, not the video.

I’m in.

That Seven Hour War video was amazing.

Also, good luck to anyone who enters this competition.

I’m in

This should be in the examples list

I remember when this was released. Holy fuck does this deserve a mention.

I have a few questions.

  1. Yes
  2. They would probably pass it on to the next person unless you tell them to hold the prize for you.

I’ll be gone at the time of judging, and the at time of the announcement of winners. I might not win, but it’s a few “what if…” questions I had.

Can I be the last judge?

I’ll be out of the house for the next 16 hours or so, won’t be able to make major OP changes.

Hopefully the train has wifi.

COunt me in, I have been playing around with cutscenes lately and wouldnt mind creating a new one.

I’ll give it a shot

Count me in!


at 5:00 of the second video i thought I was watching Starship Troopers