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I find it funny that there were more than 30 contestants and only 3 actually finished their maps.

I really like the work of HulaMan, thoses particles, and… making models ! That’s great ! (Sorry I’m in love with models). However SweetSwifter got much content (of quality) to show, that’s why I vote for him. But this is really great anyway.

Congrats to contestants !

I posted mine in time. Why didn’t you include it?

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I posted it 20 minutes before the deadline.

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Here’s the picture:


But whatever, if you don’t want to include it, don’t.

Apologies, FP did not let me know that you edited your post. I will ask a moderator to have you added to the OP (I cannot change voting settings after posting)
Also your map looks amazing.

I would like to revote in that case.

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Or at least keep -1 to SweetSwifter +1 to MenteR in your mind.

I’ve been informed by Asaratha that polls cannot be edited.

The easiest way would be to lock this thread and make a new thread with MenteR added.

it doesn’t really matter, i didn’t spend more than one hour in total i think. thanks anyway.

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you don’t have to make another thread.

My vote goes to MenteR, though I think you should look into modelling because there’s so many small details there that could’ve looked that little bit better. I love the concept though and given the content you used, you pulled off a pretty awesome entry.

Obviously I can’t vote for me because that’s just stupid and unfair.

I do like SweetSwifter’s, but because you couldn’t finish it, there’s a lot of bland areas. Great work on that elevator though, it really captures the whole underground industrial mining theme.

IronPhoenix, your map is kinda cool, but your lighting really drags it down a lot. You should probably look into alternative light sources and try adding areas of vast lighting contrast (as it all seems to be the same half-lit most of the way through with a few rooms of bright white light).

Overall I think this competition was really fun to work on, but we need to organise a more regular competition calendar so that people can get used to working within a set deadline each time instead of this “yeah, lets just move it a week, oh and a couple more days” because that makes us as a whole get really slack with working in the time restrictions.

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Good job everyone that entered and better luck next time for everyone that had to pull out for various reasons.

Shouldn’t MenteR have his pictures in the OP too? Just so more people see it.

MenteR added via mystic powers.

Jeeeess If I am gonna try in the next contest I think I’ve lost already compared to these guys. But I will give it a shot and see how it goes, they all look pretty awesome. Love the lava and lighting in Hulaman’s map.

Xenomuffin didn’t end up in the voting either?

My vote goes to MenteR, also can I have dibbs on the next competition, I can offer £50 worth of Prizes tithe winner :3:

Now I feel even worse that I couldn’t finish my map. There was also a lot of stuff already added, not shown in the video. The door led to a stairway and to a generator area with water refining. Not finished, obviously. :frown:

Oh well, pretty good entries. I hope I can get my pc fixed soon, so I can enter in another contest and actually finish properly.

Good luck to all the contestants!

Where’s my entry?

Voted for Menter, looks great.
Also, SweetSwifter voted for himself :P?


That’s poor form. Even I voted for someone else.