FP Mapping Contest: Vertical: Voting

Now it’s time to decide the Winner!

selby3962: (Still WIP)

Bsp: http://redirectingat.com/?id=629X1198&url=http%3A%2F%2Fltsp.ekami.fi%2FJouniVillberg%2Fnask_verticalcontest.rar


Deadchicken: (Still WIP)

You have still change to post pictures from your map, but you need to PM them.

Voted Deachicken, all tough all of them were extremely good.

Voted for you, Selby, I really like your textures, did you make them yourself, or are they from somewhere?

Nah, I wish I had that sort of texturing skill. They’re actually from Dark Messiah: Might and Magic.
Oh and I voted for you, I love the way every detail down to the window-frames is fancy. Oh and I’m a sucker for Steampunk.

Deadchicken gets my vote.

nask’s screenshot reminds me of The Pitt from Fallout 3 :v:

Since I am big lover of night maps. I vote for selby because it’s fucking deadly map. (at least looks so)

DeadChicken get’s my vote!

Earlier I saw some really good looking screenshots of nask’s map but I don’t think the one that he entered the contest with really captures the verticality of his map and it just looks confusing.

Voted for nask anyway.


Nask’s newer screenshots look very good. This is why I voted for him. :v:

Nask has apparently climbed up from 3rd to 2nd position. If all those screenshots had been up when the voting began, he could have been leading by now.

I voted to selby3962, i like that kind of things.

I voted selby3962, i really like the wood :), i’m wondering where you got those lovely chinese lantern models in the first picture?

Ripped from a source game called “The Ship”.

Sadly, only a few finished entries. :C

I voted for Deadchicken.

Sorry for being a dick in my thread, best of luck.

dead chicken hands down

I really like the looks of selbys map but it’s not vertical enough for me so I chose deadchickens.

Hopefully the bsp for Deadchicken’s map appears soon, but not too soon.

I vote selby. I think it looks as if someone took a lot of time messing around with the textures. I think it’s really awesome. Even though it was a very tight decision with those three maps, I still have to go with selby. Congratulations dude, keep up the work.

You being a little unfair to nask. You only posted one of his pictures.

He is not being unfair really, there was only 1 picture of the “final compile” that ended up being only second last. But i have PMed him few pictures to put up there, there is the BSP tho.

I voted selby on accident. Meant Deadchicken. Deadchicken, yours was the best, but selby’s was second. So I guess it’s okay.