FP Members defend the office from 4chan (Tiny tracer test/Comic teaser)


Well, I tried making a tracer.

used a painbrush tool and isolated it, blurred it and used the eraser and more brushing. Any better ways?

4chan’s not that bad

That renamon thing is inaccurate, I think I saw people banned for being furry on the website.

belongs in the personal skin thread

And only the Personal Skin thread.

Sweet Jesus that is a huge muzzle flash for an MP-40! And by the way why and MP-40?

Why not? :v:

Hmm… Indeed…

Where can i get a download link for the Police man? I am gonna still search if i find it.

You need to add overused memes or just memes.

Police man? What?

Thats not a policeman, that is DMGaina’s personal skin.

DMGaina is in the pic?

HunterDNRC’s skin.^