"FP members hold off aliens"


Nice posing and editing. I just think the bullet impacts on the aliens looks weird.

aye, kinda rushed em.


I like this.

Well shucks :love:

Cool, I like it, where did you get the models, the FP ones.


Should have used troll models.

Thought of it…

The alien blood seems really out of place, way to bright. Also at the bottom one of the alien boots is going through the mask of another alien.

Overall pretty good, coloring is nice, posing’s nice.

Loving the green splatter. Posing looks good to. Only issue I have is the contrast and the brightness.
But such minor things should not ruin a good slaughter.

LOL I’m the alien getting my boob shot off!!! yeah!!! too bad i have an army of ten thousand at my feet!!! get owned facpeunch soldiers!

Great picture!!!

The blood and the posing on the guy over on the far right looks wierd, but it’s still kind of funny.

The motion blur on the splatter effect in the middle is bad.

You should photoshop actual facepunchers faces there.

this isn’t accurate

real fp members would not be coordinated at all, would probably be shooting each other (at least, the ones who could figure out how to successfully load and fire a rifle), and would be pushing 400lbs and pasty

Don’t forget they’d all be arguing over who gets to use the machine gun.

with the end result being the most incompetent shooter and weapon handler getting it

And everyone defending him because he’s ‘new’.