FP Metrocops/Police Maskless and Crusader's power armor

Something I did a while ago, some people liked it (over steam) So I decided to release it. A lot of the credit goes to PurvisDavid for the models, the guy who did the “PHW VS FP” pack for the textures, and me for hexing, combining, and minor texture touch ups (replaced “C17” with the FP logo.).
Unfortunately, the skin does not glow in GMOD. :frowning:
All of this is hexed. I hope you like this stuff :smiley:
63valid made the crusader skin, and S-Low ported the models. I just ported the crusader skin and hexed.

Looking Sexy

Crusader skin is in mine and SGG49’s player model pack, with the rest of your released power armor skins as well.

I released it already? I thought I didn’t :open_mouth:
Well, thanks for telling me.


By the way, who rated me dumb?

Look on garrysmod.org.

And why?


Okay. I didn’t think I uploaded it. :S

Oh yeah. I could have sword I didn’t.

Also, to get self-illum on textures that have a separate glow map texture, use the vmt command “$selfillummask” in your VMT, then specify the path to the texture map that has the glowy bits on it.

Thanks, i’ll remember that if I ever hex anything with glowing parts.

Oh hi. And to believe all my shit died off from use a year ago.


Oh and you accidentally posted this in releases.

It is a release. :S Click the pictures to download the files.

Oh. :v:

Holy shit isn’t that metrocop old as fuck? Well anyways both look nice. Especially the powerarmor. I’m one for FO3 :v:

He’s got red on him.