FP NY - Random Restart

FP New York Server is constantly going down… restarting… no warnings… unpredictable amounts of down time… We know Garry doesn’t care much about hackers and his “official servers” but if someone could look into this that would be super special…

just go for an Community server they are basicly the same. Besides admin, Rules and stuff like that

I guess that’s what it comes down to. Its just ridiculous an “official server” is up and down more than Orkel’s mom with no explanation.

It’s been happening to FP New York now for over a week. The Host needs to be changed, or the server just needs to be dropped. It’s slowly dying.

If they drop it then it be the 2nd one shutdown within a month (1st been Washington).

Just sucks for all the people who invested time to farm BP’s and try to make that their main server.

I would prefer they not drop NY. The only reason it is slowly dying is bc the server is shutting down so often. I think it should be wiped every 2 weeks, or lower the radius of doors keeping foundations alive.

or at least allow us to keep my fuckin bps and switch servers if they are going to constantly be pulling some bullshit…