FP Office Redux

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] FP Office Redux

[tab]Version:[/tab] 2

[tab]Description:[/tab] A reskin of cs_office

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Counter-Strike: Source

[tab]Download 1[/tab]


[tab]Notes:[/tab] It’s not a new map, just a re-skin.
That’s right, Facepunch Office Redux has finnaly been released.

Made for the Personal Skin Pose Megathread.

cs_office has been re-skinned to match the theme of your favorite forum.

Originally made by H4lf-D3ad








God damn!

What you fart again?

Thanks for re-uploading I’ve been waiting for it.

GREAT! I love this map skin, my favorite is the personal skin pictures. I should try my own

I am not sure but maybe this map is affecting the other pictures in the office

This is the ones that are affected


The problem


It’s because the textures used on those props are 2048X2048 scale.
It might be too high res for your PC.

Aw :frowning:

Well you can’t spell “shit” without “Jason’s PC”

Yes! YES! Finally!

Wow I am loving the personal skin pictures, its an awesome touch.

Baaawwww Im not in one of the pics baaawwwww

Am I in a pic?

Woah awsum sauce. :fuckyou:

Goodie. If I ever get banned from Facepunch, I can set fire to their office:)

Added a FileFront Mirror.

So I’m stupid when it comes to map reskins…
How do I get this thing to work?!

Just put it in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.
It will overwrite your default cs_office.

Thanks a ton.

Made my own Vending machines


I love your vending machine!

facepunch company!

Or, if you set fire to there office, you can get banned. YAY… wait… I didn’t think that one through