FP: You're Late.

Trello is past-due all over the place. Most people are assuming an all-around server wipe if zombies are being removed due to the change in game mechanics. Thus, most of us serious players have been sitting around twiddling our thumbs since last Thursday because we know any effort we put into the game is going to be wiped. Please move on this patch so we can play seriously again.

This game being an Alpha goes both ways: We don’t expect perfection from you guys, but we do expect frequent updates.


Maybe your post should be changed from “we” to “I”.

You don’t represent everybody’s opinions and it’s crazy to make out like you do.

In fact I’d go ahead and say the above is the opposite of what I think.

Serious players on a Alpha game, demanding things…

What are you doing here exactly? It’s not lost time if you are having fun… people tend to forget to point of gaming.

We think OP can suck a dick. Keep it up Garry and friends, when it’s ready, it’s ready.

Exactly Brex!

The point of this being released to the public in Alpha is for people to play and test and figure out what’s wrong with the game, not take as seriously as if it was released.

You should be happy you even get to play the game right now, let alone demanding things!

Change ‘Players’ to ‘Testers’ also. :wink:

“Serious players” really? This is an ALPHA, not meant to be played seriously, but more about helping guide the direction the game should go and features should be looked at. Pull your head out of your ass, FP owes you nothing and will release patches when ready… Go play a finished game if you want serious play. Stop buying and playing alpha games if you are going to make stupid posts like these, too many of these are already cluttering the forums.