FPMC #2: Future Gadget voting thread

So the second contest has ended. It went pretty well although I would have hoped for more people taking part, maybe next time I’ll join if I have the time. :wink:

A thing I noticed with the final posts is that some people didn’t include the textures in their original size and made tiny renders. Well, the tiny renders are their own problem since they’re just lowering their chances but we’d like you to show us (watermarked if you must) the final textures so we know you’re not over the limit. I let it slip this time but let’s stick to the rules next time, alright?

The winner gets to decide the next theme.

So use this thread to post your suggestions for the next thread for inspiration for the winner. :slight_smile:

Anyways, let’s get voting, here are the contestants;



ssa gib A:













Go go go!

A lot of great entries, good job. I would contribute myself, but I didn’t have any time.

My vote goes to NeoDement.

NeoDement be getting this vote.

Bung for pure hilarity.

I hope all this models get ported to source :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, my vote goes to NeoDement for the originality and awesomeness.

And as new theme you should try Crime again :frowning: I wanted crime to win the last time.

Nobody ever answered my question about compiling them.

Thanks guys

I’m amazed mine’s getting votes without the video attached :v:

Voted for NeoDement ~
didnt know what the others things are … but NeoDement looks good

ssa gib a :smiley: it looks cool

I voted for NeoDement.

Mine is so bad that even I didn’t vote for it.

Never saw your question, what was it?

I like NeoDement’s. Everything else is good, but his is different which is what I like about it.

I asked it in my final entry post.

You could if you want, but I’m pretty sure this is strictly a modeling competition. You’re probably free to do whatever you want with it after the competition’s done.

I like yours, I just think you could perhaps present it in a better way :wink:

If duno is allowed to have his hax specularity material, I think I should be allowed to have my video in the OP

The gaydar just takes the cake for me. I lol’d at it. :v:

I look forward to the next contest, if i can catch it when it starts up I’m defiantly going to enter. But for now duno gets my vote for his portal helicopter thing-y-majig.

Well yes, I kinda have to agree, judging from the textures, no way it will look like that in-game. But the only way to prevent things like this would be, maybe view-port screen shot or in-game(any engine) shot.