FPMC #3: vehicle


**Facepunch modeling contest #3: vehicles**

The 3rd facepunch modeling contest.

The definition of a vehicle is:

End date: 27th of December 2009


The rules:

[list]Mesh tricount: 12,000 triangles
[li]**Texture Size: ** 1024x1024 x 2. Choose two from one of which has to be diffuse. No more than 1024x1024 each.
[/li][li] Texture Types allowed: Diffuse, Specular, Self-Illumination Phong, Normal and Alpha.
[/li][li] 1 ‘Final’ entry per person[/ul][/list]

What is expected of your entry:

[list]Must have had a fair amount of time put into it: No 5-minute “funny” entries. Put some serious effort into your entry.

[li]Mesh must be entirely your work: It must also have been created after the competition started.
[li]Texture should be mostly your work: Photo-based textures are completely fine, but it’s preferable you try to hand-draw your textures where possible.
[li] Model must use at least a diffuse/colour map: Other maps may be used of course (see above), but they’re optional. No procedural materials allowed.[/ul][/list]

Final submission posts must at least consist of:

[list]A render/screenshot of your textured model: Must be well set out and display your finished textured model. The size of the final render depends on you (as long as it’s over 800x600) but please keep in mind that if the picture is large, use [noparse][img_thumb][/img_thumb][/noparse] to keep it from stretching the page.

[li] Texture map previews and a note of their dimensions: Please keep them at their original resolution, just watermark them if you must.
[li] A note displaying the polygon (triangles) count: Should your model appear over the limit you may be asked to provide wireframe shots.
[li] A note saying that it is your final submission


A tank
unmanned aerial vehicle
futuristic tank (I didn’t say modern)

Winner gets to decide theme of next contest

Reminds me of the flying things challenge from a few years ago. That was funny.

I’ll enter if I think of anything good.


12,000 holy hell

The deadline is wrong, it should be December 23.
Good luck to the FP modellers.

Nice to see the tri limit was raised.

12,000 isn’t that much for something as large as a vehicle

In estimation, trianges = polygons x 2

Hey, I’ve finally got a break from classes! You know what that means?

should I extend this over to the winter break? ( I just realised)

When I saw the theme of this contest I was very happy.
I just started working on this about and hour ago when i saw the post.
Im not sure if this will be my final thing to enter for I think I want to do some kind of war car.
But for now this is what I have


I fixed the format, in future, please use the same format of announcing the competition. And I don’t really see the point of giving us 12,000 triangles and then 2x 1024 texture space. I would have gone for 3 at least.

I do not see the ending date for entries.

No I think those are just tri counts on the wiki

damn, I was trying to get a banner of the previous winner tradition started

Duno, god damnit

Sorry, forgot that out when editing his post.

This will be one hard contest, a bit restricted too… I will still try to enter but I expect many people won’t even try…

I don’t have time unless I take part with the pirate ship I’m making for our game. :v:

It’s gonna be a lot more than that though. I’ve always wanted to make a 30’s ganster car too…

I’ve got to finish my New Years stuff. If I am able to finish it with time left, I might make something for this contest. Otherwise, I still have work to do.

Big update on mine.


I have a bunch of errors that I need to fix however.

Gonna make something for this one. Although i’m torn between two equally hard designs, i’ll go with the less original one.

There goes my entry.

Not like I knew what I was going to do, anyways.