FPP Allowing other groups permissions

Hi all,

So I’ve had FPP (Falcos Prop Protection) on my Sandbox server for a long time now. Is there a way where I can make my “moderator” ulx group allowed to remove other peoples props?


I had the same question. I believe what you need to do is go into the FAdmin config in the server settings section of the default darkrp TAB menu and setup a FAdmin group with the same name as your ULX group. Then you should be able to assign darkrp permissions to that as well.

EDIT: As far as I know however, the ‘Add Group’ button is broken, although this may have been fixed by now as I did report it, make sure you’re on the latest DarkRP version.

Note: This should probably be on the Dark RP forums instead, or ULX, as it’s not to do with Garry’s Mod itself.