FPP and Advanced Duplicator


I have at the moment a GMod Server running with FPP and ADV, i have put FPP on the Server because i would do something against the Prop Spawners. The Problem:

When i use ADV to paste my saved things, the AntiSpawm from FPP blocks it. Could i modify something that i could Spawn ADV without get blocked from FPP?

I want not disabled the AntiSpawn for Props.

In the Q Menu, under Utilities, find Falco’s Prop Protection. Look for something along the lines of “Admin settings” (forgive me, I haven’t used FPP in a while), Under AntiSpam options, untick “Enable Antispam”. Spawn the Advanced Dupe you want, and then re-tick “Enable Antispam”.

I said i want not to Disabled it.