FPP Broken

My friend runs a darkrp server and has recently run into troubles with FPP.

I am trying to fix it but being relatively new to the SQL stuff, I am stumped.
The FPP is not saving to the server. So every restart and crash we get results in all props unblocked, no entity spawning protection and the server has turned into a mingefest.

Has anybody else run into this problem?
I have fixed it once by resetting the SQL tables (due to a faulty line in the blocked prop data base) Pretty soon after we restarted and reblocked all the props the exactly same issue arose again. Is there a size limit to SQL tables or some setting requires to make it save properly.

A problem also occurred where money and names don’t save (only after my first “fix”) I guess again its due to the SQL messing up somewhere.

Will somebody with experience please help me?

Do spawn positions save?