FPP Entity dilemma!

Hey everyone, so I did some browsing on the forums before I decided to make a thread requesting help and I really couldn’t manage to find a straight forward answer that ended up working out.

So here I am, hopefully someone can help me out with this.

I’ll start by letting you know that I’m using FPP (Falco’s Prop Protection) to prevent any physgun access on World Entities for anybody lower than an administrative rank.

I wish to make it so that certain purchasable entities (from the F4 Menu in DarkRP) are able to be moved with the physgun despite the global prevention from FPP.

-Is there perhaps a script that makes it so that a certain entity ignores FPP’s properties and/or overrides it?
-Is there a script that would allow me to just make it a player owned entity rather then a world entity? (EXAMPLE: The mayors lawboard)

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You can edit the entity’s code to make the purchaser the owner instead of the world.