FPP Settings

How can I make it so ordinary admins can remove disconnected players props? By default, it’s super admin :S

Also, despite me being the top rank with all permissions on the server, FPP says I’m not super admin and i can’t clean up D/C players props…

FAadmin setroot jongunner in console should work :confused:

Never take advice from this user.
My entire server is fucked now and my rank does not save. Thank you good sir! Now I have to keep setting my rank when I join the server!


sure… its my fault…


Thats FADMIN not ULX.

If “FAadmin setroot jongunner” did anything that means you have FAdmin and ULX both installed, you’re likely to encounter problems with multiple admin mods.

Well I had FAdmin removed before, but every time I edited the shared.lua or anything in the gamemode, the replacement scoreboard kept being set to sandbox until a resart took place.