Fps drop, is there a fix?

Sooo…i am playing rust and im having fps drops…from like 60+ to like 15… I have 8gb ram, amd fx6300, radeonr9 r290 3gb…

The drop is the same if on min or max settings.

I had massive fps increase in the last 2 updates.

Are your crimson drivers up to date?

I only get fps drops when it rains. Down from 100 to around 60(according to Rust) but it feels a lot choppier than that.

The last 2 updates my frames have increased quite a bit actually. I went from 70 average to an average of 80ish and now I’m always above 90 except when it’s raining very heavily I go down to 60-70ish. Never below 60 though.

Check your drivers, if you updated them just before you saw these drops try rolling back a driver version. Same thing happened to me around 3 weeks ago when I averaged 70fps, I updated my nvidia drivers, I went down to an average of 50 which is horrible so I rolled back. Updating drivers doesn’t always make performance better.


I too am having the same problems. I have an 860M and every 15 seconds or so my FPS will drop down to 15 or less then jump back up. This occurs with low settings (90+ fps) or higher (30fps). CPU is not throttling, GPU temps are fine, disk read is fine… I can’t figure this one out…

8 gigs of ram?

Ram wasn’t the issue. I found my GPU overheating, throttle itself, and then slowly overheat again.

8gb of ram will run rust fine now. I get a constant 80-100 Fps on max settings with my R9 380 4gb. The last couple of updates have really improved the performance and the game feels great again. Keep up the good work facepunch lets just hope you can get the animal ai fixed soon!


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What resolution?

I have an r9 380 + an a10-6800k 8gb of ram and I can run it max settings at 70 - 100 fps at all times.

iv been having issues as well. I run between 80-90 fps, but if I go anywhere underground (caves, pools, tunnels) my fps drops too as low as 2 fps.

Not sure what is causing it, but it makes it very hard to play when all someone has too do is run into a cave or something and I can’t follow.

Disable virtual textures and report back if it works.

I still havent find an issue… but at the morning the fps is fine but in the evening or after few hours of playing…it goes on 15 fps… god i wish i would be able to play this game with normal fps

it’s been disabled the whole time. I tried enabling it, but it causes an fps drop of about 10-20 everywhere.